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Cupcakes are definitely fun cakes, suited for any event, function or party, they are a great and inexpensive way to "wow" your guests. Don't think of this pastry gem as just a treat it makes a statement that suits any theme you want. From Halloween to the Fourth of July Christmas, birthdays, whatever there is a cupcake perfect for you and your guests.

Not to mention they are wonderful gifts, the prelude to any cupcake is the box. As silly as it sounds people generally expect something tasty inside once you have a cupcake box that accentuates and promises you'll make their taste buds happy. Believe me putting a smile on someone's face just from offering a happy looking cupcake is easy. And then the cupcake liners to match whatever theme you want make doing cup cakes a great idea.


Appearance is key and decorating a cupcake is just as important as its taste. People generally eat with their eyes before they try anything. So don't just have an amazing treat, dress it up to look as delicious as it tastes.

Here's another fun point when you want to really create an impression and show off your creative skills or even have a showstopper get a cupcake stand. These can be as eloquent, sophisticated or as simple as you want. They range from cardboard, wood to metal and can be bought online.

Cupcakes are a must have for events and have grown in popularity over the last decade or so. People are requesting these fun cakes to not only make an impression but to make their events more fun and interesting. Cupcakes win over when it comes to serving as well when you think about it, they are already packaged and ready for your guests or customers to dive into, and they have perfect portions because they nestle right in the palm of your hands.


With endless cupcake recipes and decorative ideas they are a easy no hassle way to bring a smile to any one's face while they enjoy your treat. And for moms who have PTA's bake sales and any other function, cupcakes are easy to package and travel with and they still maintain their luster i.e. if you keep your icing at the right temperature.

Have a cupcake party when you're children have their friends over let every one come up with their own decorative ideas and taste and have a mini cup cake pageant if you choose. If this was a red carpet even orange would be the new pink and cupcakes would be wearing it. Needless to say cupcakes are astounding when it comes to creating an impression at parties and they are most definitely trending.

There are tons of cupcake ideas online if you can't think of any they fit into weddings too they are so versatile and easy to do and when you're done you feel proud that you made something that look so great tastes even better and put a smile on someone's face. You can have tuxedo cup cakes, cobweb or monster cupcakes, Sponge Bob cupcakes or anything you can imagine. So by all means get creative and don't just make a cupcake make a fun cake.